Corporate Culture

PROFESSIONAL We aim to make each and every one professional.

We are a company that provides creative technical services related to media. In creative situations, each team of experts gathers and creates one result with teamwork. What is sought at that time is to be professional in the expected field.

People who are called professionals are required to accumulate knowledge and experience in order to achieve results that exceed expectations.

CHALLENGE We recommend free thought and new challenge.

We are providing highly value-added technical services for constantly evolving technologies and changing society. For that, new ideas and challenges towards realization are essential. And when you try new ways you will need time to make many failures and discoveries.

We think that it is important for teams and organizations to help them when one of the members makes a new challenge.

FUTURE We will continue to work to convey joy and excitement to the world.

We love working in situations where many people share joy and emotions. And our technical service will do our best to make people‘s joy and excitement even a little. We feel proud and satisfied to be present at that moment. We will spend our necessary effort and time and all of that is to share that moment with many people.