Sports Information Service

Sports Information Service

In order to share excitement of sports, information service plays a very important role.
TECHNONET is delivering various kinds of information in real time to various media.


On-Air Graphics System for Large-scale Screens


TECHNONET is developing graphic systems that display competition records in real time for large-scale screens in Japan’s professional baseball, home ground stadiums of J-League, Japan’s professional Football league, and other stadiums.

Utilizing the experience cultivated in live broadcasting of television broadcasting (sports, news, variety programs, etc.), we update the player name prepared with yesterday’s record, the game record that progresses every minute and design an operation system that is easy to control while combining live source. We are offering the best operation system for the site for each stadium.


"106 Vision" at Nagoya Dome (currently Vantelin Dome Nagoya)

Sports Recording System

Digitizing accurate sports events in real time is indispensable not only for enjoying sports profoundly but also for building strategies for the team and, most of all, for recording the performance of athletes. In some sporting events, you also need to record data from measuring instruments that measure position and weather information.

Depending on the type of sports, there are cases where there is no special system engineer, so ICT utilization is not always sufficient. TECHNONET has developed a recording system for several sports. Various sports data is an essential metadata for reusing accumulated recorded images.

Sports Information Service

Graphics Control Panel for baseball


In March 2021, Technonet Co., Ltd. jointly developed the badminton competition live score system "BIRD SCORE®" with TMONY Co., Ltd. under the supervision of the Japan Badminton Association.
"BIRD SCORE®" has been officially adopted as the official score system since the 74th All Japan Badminton Players Tournament, and is currently used in numerous badminton tournaments all over Japan.
"BIRD SCORE®" can manage scores entered by referees on the cloud as official records and display scores in real time not only on the scoreboard monitor in the venue but on the official website of the competition in various badminton competitions.
Please see the following link: “BIRD SCORE®” official website for detail (Japanese only).

Badminton Live Scoring System "BIRD SCORE®"

"BIRD SCORE®" Display Example

Information Display System

TECHNONET has developed and provided “Information Monitor" which displays game data to staff related to sports events including broadcast media. Displaying information is indispensable especially for sports where multiple players progress at the same time, such as racing competitions, golf, athletics and gymnastics competitions.

TECHNONET will be an optimal partner to realize information display according to various devices, such as mobile terminals, displays, large displays temporarily installed in the venue.

Sports Information Service

Baseball Scoreboard Example


TECHNONET has handled various information of sports. Along with the evolution of video media, users are now able to watch sports in various situations. TECHNONET has a system that delivers necessary information to all people who watch sports in real time.

Competition Record/ Information System

Badminton Live Scoring System "BIRD SCORE®"/ Information Monitor for Golf/ On-Air Graphics for Large-scale screen/ Monitor for Motor Sports Race/ Information Monitor for Track and Field/ Volleyball Competition Recording System/ Information Monitor for Ekiden and marathon/ Information Monitor for Gymnastics Competition/ Operation Monitor for other competition/ etc.

Measurement System

GPS Tracking System/ Wind Direction and Speed Recording System/ Speed Gun Display System/ Visualization of various measuring system