Other Creative Service

Other Creative Service

On-air graphics design including sports graphics, 3D on-air graphics, and on-air graphics synthesis to shot video.
TECHNONET will provide creative services to enrich the content.

On-Air Graphics Production Design Service

TECHNONET has made a lot of on-air graphics designs for TV programs and event exhibition images, mainly on sports graphics. We will also produce 2D / 3D on-air graphics such as opening animation and logo animation.

In the service for the Internet, we also provide website-related designs, video editing and illustration production such as video distribution and exhibition sites.

Other Creative Service


In the field of on-air graphics production, TECHNONET has made a wide range from 3D full animation to 2D on-air graphics which synthesizes with real picture on alpha channel. We specialize in highlighted numbers and letters and the production combined the attention effect with video.For Web services, we are working on creating interface designs that are easy to understand and encourage user operations.


Opening on-air graphics of sports program and information program etc./ Sports graphics/ Video material with on-air graphics/ Website design with video service/ Unified design parts production conformed to Services and CI/ etc.