Sports On-Air Graphics Service


Information graphics essential for sports broadcasting. We are offering on-air graphics for about 1,300 TV programs on a yearly basis.
The on-air graphics of the program you are seeing is surely a service of TECHNONET.

Sports On-Air Graphics Service for TV

Sports On-Air Graphics System Development

TECHNONET has developed a sports real-time on-air graphics system for all sports competitions to be telecasted in Japan. The number of on-air graphics systems that we have developed continues to increase beyond 100 events now. TECHNONET not only develops equipments and softwares but is responsible for the system operation, through the human resources called “specialists“, of the broadcasting site which is not allowed to fail against the need of live programs to deliver ”the incident on-air graphics system which always continues to evolve and improve aiming at newer information production____ We TECHNONET named it “Sports Coder.”

*The Japanese Trademark Registration Number: 2477171, 2587648


On-Air Graphics System Operation Service

On-Air Graphics System Operation Service

TECHNONET has provided experienced operational technicians to send information on-air graphics in real time at the site of video expression. However, we do not regard it as just a system operator.

To deliver information on-air graphics, which is indispensable for the production of sports competition images, high technical skill and experience is necessary to deliver it at exquisite timing. Because this service needs to receive information from different timers and measuring instruments for each event and stadium, TECHNONET is also responsible for necessary equipment preparation and preliminary testing. TECHNONET’s operation engineers are responsible for directing excitement of the moment with a mechanism called on-air graphics.




The number of on-air graphics that TECHNONET offers for sports programs of television broadcasting is about 1300 programs annually. After the Seoul Olympics in 1988, we have a track record in sports on-air graphics operation in almost all major international conventions including the Olympic Games. TECHNONET participated in an international broadcast production team in major sports competitions. We have also experienced in data communication with the competition record system and provision of our own information display terminal.

Principal Sports examples

Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Rugby, Basketball, Golf, Motorsport, Track and field, Ekiden, Marathon, Cross country running, Triathlon, Swimming/Artistic swimming, Gymnastics, Speed skating, Figure skating, Tennis, Soft Tennis, Badminton, Bowling, Horse race, Cycle sports, American Football, Futsal, Sumo, Table tennis, Equestrian, Curling, Handball, Softball, Beach volleyball, Diving, Water polo, Rhythmic gymnastics, Trampoline, Judo, Kendo, Kyudo (Japanese archery), Karate, Naginata, Tai Chi, Weightlifting, Cheerleading, Tug of war, Boat racing, Canoe sprint, Yacht racing, Aerobatics, Fencing, Wrestling, Professional wrestling, Boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), K-1, KEIRIN, BOAT RACE, Auto racing, Ice hockey, Hockey, Snowboarding, Bobsleigh, Luge, Short track speed skating, Ski jumping, Nordic combined, Alpine skiing, Freestyle skiing, Sport climbing, NIKE ZOOM SPORTS SERIES, etc.

Principal Examples of International Conventions

  • 1988

    Summer Olympic Games (Seoul)

  • 1990

    Asian Games (China) /UCI Track Cycling World Championships (Maebashi)

  • 1991

    FIVB World Cup(Tokyo, etc.)

  • 1992

    Winter Olympic Games(Albertville) /Summer Olympic Games(Barcelona)

  • 1994

    Winter Olympic Games(Lillehammer) /Asian Games(Hiroshima)

  • 1995

    Universiade(Fukuoka) /World Artistic Gymnastics Championships(Sabae) /World Judo Championships(Makuhari)

  • 1996

    Summer Olympic Games(Atlanta)

  • 1997

    World Men's Handball Championship(Kumamoto)

  • 1998

    Winter Olympic Games(Nagano) /FIFA World Cup(France) /FIVB VOLLEYBALL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP JAPAN(Tokyo, etc.) /Asian Games(Thailand)

  • 1999

    IAAF World Indoor Championships(Maebashi)

  • 2000

    Summer Olympic Games(Sydney) /World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships(Nagano)

  • 2001

    World Table Tennis Championships(Osaka) /East Asian Games(Osaka) /World Aquatics Championships(Fukuoka) /IAAF World Championships(Canada) /World Games(Akita) /WGC-World Cup(Shizuoka) /FIBA World Championship For Young Men(Saitama)

  • 2002

    Winter Olympic Games(Salt Lake City) /World Figure Skating Championships(Nagano) /FIVB Volleyball World Championship(Germany)/FIFA World Cup(Japan・Korea) /Pan Pacific Swimming Championships(Yokohama)

  • 2003

    Asian Winter Games(Aomori) /IAAF World Athletics Championships(France) /World Judo Championships(Osaka)

  • 2004

    Summer Olympic Games(Athens) /World Figure Skating Championships(Germany) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Nagano)

  • 2005

    World Judo Championships(Egypt) /IAAF World Athletics Championships(Finland) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(United States) /ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating(Tokyo) /World Figure Skating Championships(Russia)

  • 2006

    Winter Olympic Games(Torino) /IAAF World Cross Country Championships(Fukuoka) /Badminton Thomas & Uber Cup(Tokyo, etc.) /FIFA World Cup(Germany) /Synchronized Swimming World Cup(Yokohama) /FIBA World Championship(Saitama, etc.) /FIVB Volleyball World Championship(Tokyo, etc.) /World Figure Skating Championships(Canada) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Netherlands)

  • 2007

    IAAF World Athletics Championships(Osaka) /World Judo Championships(Brazil) /FIVB World Cup(Tokyo, etc.) /Jigoro Kano Cup(Tokyo) /International Swim Meet 2007 in Japan(Chiba) /World Figure Skating Championships(Tokyo) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Norway)

  • 2008

    Summer Olympic Games(Beijing) /World Table Tennis Championships(China) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Netherlands) /World Figure Skating Championships(Sweden) /World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships(Nagano) /FIVB World Olympic Qualification Tournament(Tokyo, etc.)

  • 2009

    ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating(WTT)(Tokyo) /World Artistic Gymnastics Championships(England) /World Figure Skating Championships(United States) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Russia) /IAAF World Athletics Championships(Germany) /World Judo Championships(Netherlands)

  • 2010

    Winter Olympic Games(Vancouver) /FIFA World Cup(South Africa) /FIVB Volleyball World Championship(Tokyo, etc.) /World Table Tennis Championships(Russia) /World Judo Championships(Tokyo) /World Artistic Gymnastics Championships(Netherlands) /World Figure Skating Championships(Italy) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Obihiro)

  • 2011

    FIFA Women’s World Cup(Germany) /FIVB World Cup(Tokyo, etc.) /World Artistic Gymnastics Championships(Tokyo) /World Judo Championships(France) /World Figure Skating Championships(Russia) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Netherlands) /IAAF World Athletics Championships(Korea)

  • 2012

    Summer Olympic Games(London) /FIVB World Olympic Qualification Tournament(Tokyo) /World Figure Skating Championships(France) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Canada) /ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating(WTT)(Tokyo) /World Team Table Tennis Championships(Germany)

  • 2013

    IAAF World Championships(Russia) /World Table Tennis Championships(France) /World Judo Championships(Brazil) /World Artistic Gymnastics Championships(Belgium) /FIVB World Grand Champions Cup(Japan) /ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating(WTT)(Tokyo) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(United States) /World Figure Skating Championships(Canada)

  • 2014

    Winter Olympic Games(Sochi) /FIFA World Cup(Brazil) /Asian Games(Korea) /World Table Tennis Championships(Tokyo) /World Artistic Gymnastics Championships(China) /World Judo Championships(Russia) /World Sprint Speed Skating Championships(Nagano) /World Figure Skating Championships(Saitama)

  • 2015

    Rugby World Cup(England) /FIFA Women’s World Cup(Canada) /World Figure Skating Championships(China) /World Table Tennis Championships(China) /IAAF World Championships(China) /World Judo Championships(Kazakhstan) /World Artistic Gymnastics Championships(Scotland)

  • 2016

    Summer Olympic Games(Rio de Janeiro) /World Team Table Tennis Championships(Malaysia) /Women's Softball World Championship(Canada) /World Figure Skating Championships(United States)

  • 2017

    Asian Winter Games(Sapporo) /World Table Tennis Championships(Germany) /World Judo Championships(Hungary) /IAAF World Championships(London) /FIVB World Grand Champions Cup(Japan) /Women's Softball World Championship(Kobe) /UCI Road World Championships(Norway) /World Figure Skating Championships(Finland)

  • 2018

    Winter Olympic Games(PyeongChang) /FIS Ski Jumping World Cup(Ladies) /Four Continents Figure Skating Championships(Taiwan) /World Curling Championships(Women: Canada, Men: United States) /World Figure Skating Championships(Italy) /FIFA World Cup(Russia) /World Team Table Tennis Championships(Sweden) /IFSC Climbing Worldcup:Bouldering(Hachioji)

  • 2019

    FIS Ski Jumping World Cup(Ladies) /FIS Alpine World Ski Championships(Sweden) /FIS Nordic World Ski Championships(Austria) /World Figure Skating Championships(Saitama) /Four Continents Figure Skating Championships(United States) /ISU World Team Trophy(Fukuoka) /World Curling Championships(Women: Denmark, Men: Canada) /ITTF World Championships(Hungary) /Artistic Gymnastics World Cup(Tokyo) /ITU World Triathlon Championship Series(Yokohama) /FIFA Women’s World Cup(France) /FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour(Tokyo) /IFSC Climbing Worldcup:Bouldering(Hachioji) /World Judo Championships(Tokyo) /World Para Swimming Championships(London) /FIVB World Cup(Japan) /Rugby World Cup(Japan) /IAAF World Athletics Championships(Qatar)

  • 2020

    FIS Ski Jumping World Cup(Various Countries) /World Junior Figure Skating Championships(Estonia) /Four Continents Figure Skating Championships(Korea)

  • 2021

    FIS Alpine Ski World Championships(Italy) /FIS Nordic World Ski Championships(Germany) /FIS Ski Jumping World Cup(Various Countries) /World Curling Championships(Women: Canada) /World Figure Skating Championships(Sweden) /Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games(Tokyo)

  • 2022

    Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games(Beijing) /FIS Ski Jumping World Cup(Various Countries) /Four Continents Figure Skating Championships(Estonia) /World Figure Skating Championships(France) /World Curling Championships(Men: United States) /World Triathlon Championship Series(Yokohama) /World Para Swimming Championships(Portugal) /IAAF World Athletics Championships(United States) /World Table Tennis Championships(China) /FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup(Australia) /FIFA World Cup(Qatar)

  • 2023

    Four Continents Figure Skating Championships(United States) /FIS Nordic World Ski Championships(Slovenia) /FIS Ski Jumping World Cup(Various Countries) /World Figure Skating Championships(Saitama) /World Curling Championships(Women: Sweden)